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Our new maps let you explore and navigate mountain pistes, find nearby resorts.

Expand the map to enjoy a fullscreen viewing experience, with the ability to upload gpx routes and find your current location. topo maps.gif

новый - Russian users get new design of forecast pages

Новость! дизайн страниц прогноза для российских пользователей

Nuevo! Spanish users get new design of forecast pages

Los usuarios españoles obtienen un nuevo diseño de páginas de pronóstico. Check out

Fullscreen 12-day forecasts

We weren't happy with the way the new forecast page layout lost the ability to view the full 12 days in one screen. We've added this back in so our subscribers can see the whole big picture.Las_Leñas_12_Day_Snow_Forecast___Skiing_Weather_for_2835_m.png

Hourly detailed forecast expand

Subscribers can now reveal hourly forecast detail by clicking the day header on the "detail" forecast page for any resort Corralco__Lonquimay__Detailed_2_Day_Snow_Forecast_for_1964_m.png

Expandable forecast columns

A big update for all users - you can now click the day header once to expand 3-hour detail and twice to reveal hourly forecasts Klyuchevskaya_12_Day_Snow_Forecast___Skiing_Weather_for_3530_m.png

Rate resort reviews

It's now possible to rate resort reviews. We've got thousands of first-hand reviews from our users that can now be sorted on most-useful, top rated, most recent and more.Visitor_reviews_of_Morzine_Ski_Resort_for_Skiing__Accommodation_and_Snow.png

Improved printable forecast pages

If you have a chalet, hotel or other in-resort business then we've improved the layout of our printable forecasts.Screenshot_23_05_2019__19_34.png

Richer, bolder forecast pages

Following on from last week's upgrade of member pages, everyone can now benefit from our resort forecast pages that feature a richer layout, snow history info, live weather obs, webcams and more... Méribel_snow_forecast_for_2202_m.png

Android app update

Some Android app users reported crashes if location access was denied on their phones. Version 2.0.02 is now available that fixes this.