One hour forecast periods

Great news for our premium members! The detail forecast pages now show hourly forecasts for up to 27 hours ahead for top, mid and bottom elevations on your mountain.Manali__Himachal_Heli-Ski__Detailed_2_Day_Snow_Forecast_for_3750_m.png

12-day forecast bug fixed

12-day forecasts are a feature of our premium membership. A bug that stopped some forecast fields in the 9-12 day period has now been fixed. Apologies for anyone who was affected by this.

Dynamic map resort locations

A bug causing red resort location dots to be offset has been fixed. This affected some of our taller dynamic snow maps (Greece, UK etc.) and was caused by a bug in our GIS engine. Resorts now show in the correct place e.g. Weather_Map_and_Snow_Conditions_for_United_Kingdom.png

More Fatmap pistemaps

Our partnership with Fatmap takes another leap in your direction with new resorts being covered in their global 3D mapping engine. Today's update takes the total to 575 resorts. View an example hereMorzine_Piste_Map___Trail_Map.png

Longer range forecast maps

Our dynamic weather forecast maps are now longer range (300 hours up from 240hrs). This is a benefit for premium members of our site.

Missed updates

Apologies to users who were affected by missed forecast runs last Friday and Saturday. This was due to a server move and was fixed on 26th Jan.

CSS fix - bad page rendering

We identified a problem where pages were not rendering correctly for some users on mobile internet connections. This should now be fixed, however if you continue to see broken pages please e-mail [email protected]

12-day forecasts now available

We're grateful to our loyal users who subscribe to premium membership. Today we're pleased to announce that we've extended the range of our snow forecasts from nine to twelve days.Whistler_Blackcomb_12_Day_Snow_Forecast___Skiing_Weather_for_1480_m.png

Snow Alerts late

Some recipients of our free snowmail alerts experienced a delay in receiving. This is now fixed.

World Snow News #71 now live

Check out the latest World Snow Overview here

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